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Create an ideal home for your hamster

19 April 2017

Find out how to provide these small, smart rodents with the des res they deserve

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Why it’s great to have a pet

07 April 2017

They’re our companions, our best friends and they can transform lives. In National Pet Month, it’s time to say – thank you pets!

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Amazing animal mothers

05 March 2017

March means Mothers’ Day, but how much do you know about animal mothers and the way they look after their babies?

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Should you have an only pet?

10 February 2017

Most pets needs friends of their own kind. Find out why…

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How to keep your kids interested in their pets

22 January 2017

Did your son or daughter beg you for a furry friend for Christmas, but quickly lost interest? How can you keep them involved?

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Your pets in winter

22 January 2017

How to keep your pets warm, safe, happy and healthy when it’s cold outside…

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Best small pets for children

11 August 2016

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Pet paparazzi: how to photograph your pet

17 May 2016

Close ups can really show off the character of your pet, but long noses on dogs and horses can blur if you get to close. I like to keep the focus point on the eyes, as this is what we tend to connect with first in a photograph.

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For the pet who has everything…

18 April 2016

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What is National Pet Month?

15 March 2016

With National Pet Month around the corner (April 1-May 2), we find out more about how pet lovers can unite to promote responsible pet ownership.

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