BSAVA Congress 2017 - our pick of the best

It’s the ideal opportunity to meet up with friends, catch up on some exciting CPD, check out the exhibition and buy some new kit. Come and visit us on Stand 412

Posted: 14 March 2017

BSAVA Congress 2017 - our pick of the best


We’ll all be looking forward to the BSAVA Congress in Birmingham next month. It’s the ideal opportunity to meet up with friends, catch up on some exciting CPD, check out the exhibition and buy some new kit.

We’ve got 4 great reasons why we think you should come to see us.

1. Educational Posters

We’ll be giving out our educational posters highlighting the importance of hay and fibre for fibrevores, together with some suggestions of treats for rabbits.

2. Excel Dualcare giveaway

There will give a bag of Dual Care to anybody who comes to the stand with a printed copy of this email (*Whilst stocks last!). If you’ve not tried feeding Excel Dual Care yet, then perhaps it’s time, and what better opportunity than to collect a free bag at Congress.

3. Competition

Why not come along to Stand 412 and enter our completion. It’s your chance to win a luxury hamper.

4. Buy 4 get one FREE offer

Are you taking part in this years Rabbit Awareness Week? Come and talk to us for some help and support and we can offer you a chance to get some extra Excel Dualcare and Wellbeing food for your money.

Our pick of the best

To help you with the huge choice of lectures, we’ve picked some presentations which we think will be of interest to you.

You can get details of the full scientific programme here


  • Take a relevant history for your skin cases - Natalie Barnard (UK) - 11:05–11:25 - Hall 1 ICC
  • Clinical conundrum: dermatology cases - Jon Hardy (UK) - 11:05–11:50 - Hall 5 ICC
  • Top tips in imaging the urinary tract - Petra Agthe (UK) - 12:00–12:45 - Hall 5 ICC
  • Obesity in rabbits: review of an unrecognised problem - Livia Benato (UK) - 09:25–10:10 - Hall 1 ICC


  • Rabbit dentistry and dental radiography for dogs and cats - John Robinson (UK) Ana Nemec (SL) - 13:30–16:30 Birmingham Medical School
  • The rodent patient: how to deal with common emergencies - Livia Benato (UK) - 14:05–14:50 - Hyatt Ballroom The Hyatt
  • How to deal with geriatric rabbits - Livia Benato (UK) - 15:00–15:45 - Hyatt Ballroom The Hyatt

16:00 - BSAVA LECTURE – Hall 1 with Chris Packham

TV presenter and respected naturalist Chris Packham is set to inspire delegates at BSAVA Congress as the keynote speaker on Thursday 6 April 2017. He’ll share his concerns about extinction and ideas for inspiring young people to get involved in animal welfare and conservation.


  • Urolithiasis in rabbits - Jaume Martorell (SP) - 09:25–10:10 - Hyatt Ballroom The Hyatt
  • When haematuria is not from the renal system in rabbits and rodents - Jaume Martorell (SP) - 11:05–11:50 - Hyatt Ballroom The Hyatt
  • Perform telephone triage - Trish Farry (AU) - 08:15–08:35 - Hall 11 ICC
  • Raw meaty bones versus commercial pet food - Nicola Ackerman (UK) - 10:50–11:35 - Hall 9 ICC


  • Cataracts in rabbits: why and how to treat them - Jaume Martorell (SP) - 14:05–14:50 - Hyatt Ballroom The Hyatt
  • Guinea pig: how to keep a surgical patient alive - Jaume Martorell (SP) - 17:45–18:30 - Hyatt Ballroom The Hyatt
  • Don’t worry about your first rabbit - John Chitty (UK) - 14:15–14:35 - The Suites, Birmingham Repertory Theatre
  • Itchy and scratchy: how can the nurse help? - John Redbond (UK) - 16:35–17:20 - Hall 10 ICC


Investigating the pruritic dog on a shoestring - Natalie Barnard (UK) - 11:05–11:50 - Hall 4 ICC



  • Detection of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus in a veterinary laboratory - Rachel E. Marching - 08:45–09:00
  • Clinical narrative analysis of antibacterial prescription in rabbits presenting with signs of respiratory disease - E.L. King - 09:30–09:45
  • How do common conditions seen in rabbits and guinea pigs by UK practitioners compare with the scientific evidence on these species? - Marnie Brennan - 09:45–10:00

Text your questions to the speaker!

This year, don’t leave a lecture with a question that you’re too shy to ask. You can text the speaker directly. Simply text your question to the speaker and they will be asked at the end of the session and as time allows. Text your location followed by your question to 07860 077344

Register for Congress

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