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Welcome to the Burgess Pet Care Breeder Club

We will help guide you through your bitch’s pregnancy and aftercare. We understand that not every breeder has been through this process before, which is why we have put together a series of informative weekly emails to guide you through every step of the process. You can order discounted food for your breeding bitch and puppies and will receive a free puppy pack for each puppy registered.

Burgess are a British family owned company, who for generations have produced the finest quality foods for people and their pets. The health and happiness of pets is our number one goal and our expert knowledge in animal nutrition helps us achieve this. Our in-house vet uses her nutritional expertise to enable us to nurture happy, healthy pets. We believe in responsible pet ownership, supporting welfare and education as well as making healthy, nutritious and tasty pet food.

Caring for you pet

Things to consider

Before breeding from your bitch, what do you need to consider?

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Feeding for you pet

Breeding for health

There are a number of different considerations when choosing which dogs to use for breeding.

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Training for you pet

When to breed your bitch

You shouldn’t breed from your bitch until she is over a year old, to give her chance to fully develop.

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Foods to avoid

Finding a suitable stud dog

Most breeders spend a long time researching and deciding on the most suitable dog for their bitch.

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Handling for you pet

Potential problems

Different bitches come into heat at different intervals. If you miss the vital moment it will be too late.

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Grooming for you pet

Feeding the bitch

The bitch should be at her ideal weight prior to breeding. If she is too fat, there is more risk of insufficient milk production and increased risk of difficulty giving birth due to fat in the pelvis.

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Handling for you pet

Finding good homes for puppies

It is very important to most breeders that they find the right home for their puppies.

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Handling for you pet


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