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Selling for success

01 August 2017

Knowing what’s required to tempt your clients into your practice and make a purchase is a necessity these days. We’ve got 24 tips to make it easier

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Excel Small Animal Bedding & Litter

11 July 2017

Bedding and litter material can often contribute to flystrike by providing an ideal environment if soiled. Find out how our bedding will help

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Blood sample collecting in small mammals

11 July 2017

Blood samples from small mammals need to be of high quality and of sufficient volume to be useful. We’ve got lots of helpful hints

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Chemical restraint in rodents

10 July 2017

We review some of the common sedative and anaesthetic agents used in rodents in general practice

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9 common chinchilla complaints

09 November 2016

We review some of the more common problems we see in pet chinchillas

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What’s on at the 43rd BVNA Congress

26 September 2016

It’s not long to go before the next BVNA Congress. Find out when, where and what’s going on.

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