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9 common chinchilla complaints

09 November 2016

We review some of the more common problems we see in pet chinchillas

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What’s on at the 43rd BVNA Congress

26 September 2016

It’s not long to go before the next BVNA Congress. Find out when, where and what’s going on.

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Good hay and bad hay

21 September 2016

Do you know what hay to recommend your clients use? There are some products which are better than others

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Ferrets, rodents and hedgehogs

09 August 2016

If you’re looking for more exotic CPD, why not book onto this 2 day course with Veterinary Professional Development, Vet PD.

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Marijuana Poisoning

21 April 2016

People have been playing and experimenting with recreational drugs for centuries, and over the years many pets have inadvertently (and sometimes deliberately) been exposed to the effects of this drug.

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8 human drugs that poison pets

21 April 2016

Inadvertent poisoning of pets has happened for years. Nowadays the increasingly different types of medications being prescribed makes the diagnosis of a drug more difficult, so it’s wise to be aware of what is available and causes problems.

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