Feeding Hay Special Offer

Find out how you can take advantage of our Special Offer on Long Stem Feeding Hay

Feeding Hay Special Offer


23 May 2017

Long Stem Feeding Hay – buy 4 get 1 FREE

We’re delighted to announce a Special Offer on our favourite fibrevore product, Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay. It’s the ideal product to stock in your clinic for all your rabbit and fibrevore patients. You’ll be assured that you are only offering the very best quality food.

7 Key benefits of Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay

  1. High in fibre – all fibrevores need a reliable source of good quality digestible and indigestible fibre. Timothy grass hay provides this.
  2. Low in sugar – we need to avoid feeding high carbohydrate and sugars to hind gut fermenters.
  3. Dust free – the grass is air dried in a controlled manner. This avoids the grass becoming too dry and dusty.
  4. Mold free – by air-drying the hay and monitoring the moisture levels, we prevent the hay being stored and packed with a moisture content that is either too high or low. This prevents any mold spores from forming and so avoids the risk of allergic or fungal diseases, not to mention mycotoxicosis.
  5. Palatable – the hay is cut at full bloom before it becomes too old and woody. This ensures a fresh, fragrant and colourful product that retains a very high palatability.
  6. Quality controls – we test our hay for nutritional content, so you’re assured of the quality of what is being offered.
  7. Weed free – our fields are monitored for unwanted weeds such as ragwort.

To take advantage of this offer, contact our veterinary support team by email via vetsupport@burgesspetcare.co.uk.