Excel Small Animal Bedding & Litter

Bedding and litter material can often contribute to flystrike by providing an ideal environment if soiled. Find out how our bedding will help

Posted: 11 July 2017

Excel Small Animal Bedding & Litter


With all the warm weather we’ve had so far this summer comes a problem we all know too well – fleas, mites and flies. Unfortunately many pets succumb, and rabbits and small mammals are no exception.

With smaller pets living in small enclosures, the bedding and litter material can often contribute to the problem by providing an ideal environment with urine and faeces that attracts flies.

Did you know that at Burgess Pet Care we produce the ideal litter product, Excel Small Animal Bedding & Litter.

It’s absorbent properties are great, removing and trapping both fluid and odours. It’s long lasting, biodegradable and easy to remove during cleaning, and is therefore truly fit for purpose.

Added natural biocide

This unique bedding helps prevent flea, mite and fly infestations as it contains an added natural biocide that interferes with the exoskeleton of insects, thereby killing them through dehydration. This has considerable health and welfare benefits as it reduces the risk of fly strike and pododermatitis.

Low allergy

Excel Bedding and Litter is also pre-treated to remove dust and mould spores so reducing the risk of allergies and respiratory infections.

Tell your clients

Why not move your clients over to Excel Bedding and Litter - it’s available at all major veterinary wholesalers.

12 features of Excel Small Animal Bedding & Litter

  1. Lasts much longer than traditional litters
  2. Helps prevent fly strike by keeping the hutch cleaner and dryer
  3. Helps prevent fly, mite and flea infestation with added natural parasite control
  4. Super absorbent – up to 400%
  5. Super odour binding
  6. Low allergy dust extracted formulation
  7. 100% Bio-degradable
  8. Environmentally friendly
  9. Easy to lay and keep clean
  10. Reduces time spent cleaning out
  11. Stops hutches rotting and smelling
  12. Available size: 4kg