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Nugget of truth: ‘muesli amenesty’ encourages york Rabbit owners to swap muesli for nuggets

Burgess Pet Care has teamed up with York’s Pets Pantry to urge rabbit owners to trade in old bags of muesli-based rabbit food for nutritional nuggets in an effort to improve rabbits’ diets.

Posted: 21 September 16

Nugget of truth: ‘muesli amenesty’ encourages york Rabbit owners to swap muesli for nuggets

The leading Yorkshire pet care based near Pickering company is encouraging customers to visit the Huntington store to hand over muesli in return for Burgess Excel Nuggets, money off vouchers and a handy diet guide as part of its Muesli Amnesty, which runs from International Rabbit Day on September 24 to October 22.

As one of the first pet food manufacturers to create a nugget food for rabbits – combining all essential nutrients into one pelleted food to be fed alongside feeding hay – Burgess would like to see all owners ditch muesli in favour of nutritionally rich nuggets that aid digestion and dental health.

Commercial rabbit mueslis, which can contain flaked maize, peas, pellets, grains and seeds, have been shown to increase the risk of serious illness in rabbits, with a 2013 study suggesting they may lead to serious dental and digestive problems.

“Muesli must go!” says Rehana Kauser from Burgess Pet Care. “And we hope our Muesli Amnesty will really compel rabbit owners to ditch damaging muesli feeds for nuggets that keep them in tip-top nose to tail health.

“Ever since we introduced the UK’s first nugget rabbit food and our vet-recommended ‘Five-Step Excel Feeding Plan’, which suggests feeding nuggets alongside fresh hay and water, we’ve been revolutionising the way rabbit owners meet their pet’s nutritional needs. But with 29% of rabbit owners still pouring muesli into their rabbits’ bowls – there’s still a long way to go.”

Pets Pantry owner James Nixon said he was delighted to be involved in the campaign. “As an independent pet shop we’ve always been committed to offering the best choice for pet owners and it’s crucial that rabbits get the right diet if you want to enjoy them long term. If rabbits could ask what they’d like for dinner, they’d say: ‘we want nuggets’! Our staff have been trained and can offer rabbit owners the best advice when it comes to feeding their rabbits”.

Between September 24 and October 22, Pets Pantry customers can trade in their rabbit muesli for a 1kg bag of Burgess Excel Nuggets, a £1-off voucher against their next purchase and a handy guide to changing their rabbit’s diet as part of the Muesli Amnesty.

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