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Yorkshire pet care company scoops award for specialist cat food at premier pet trade show

Burgess Pet Care has been awarded the ‘Best New Cat Product’ for its Wellbeing Cat range at the UK’s leading pet trade show PATS this week.

Posted: 28 September 16

Yorkshire pet care company scoops award for specialist cat food at premier pet trade show

The Yorkshire based pet care company’s Wellbeing Cat was chosen from more than 250 product entries to win the award, with the judges – made up of a panel of pet industry experts – praising the product for its “eye-catching packaging, clear presentation and easy-to-read information”, as well as its “good price point”.

Burgess has used over 200 years expertise to develop the next level of grain free cat food, which uses recipes specifically formulated by in-house vet Dr Suzanne Moyes MRCVS to boost digestive, dental and skin and coat health – and its three-strong Burgess Wellbeing Cat range was judged on ‘product innovation’, ‘design’, ‘quality’, ‘packaging’ and ‘value for money’.

Its Wellbeing Slender food, for example, contains crucial amino acids and cranberry extract, which support a healthy metabolism and helps to balance urinary PH, while its Wellbeing Skin & Coat food is ideal for long haired or indoor cats that spend more time grooming as it contains natural fibres for ‘Hairball Control’ as well as linseed and biotin to maintain a glossy coat and healthy skin.

The Burgess Wellbeing Sensitive is boosted with natural prebiotics from chicory and beet pulp to help beneficial gut bacteria to flourish, as well as yucca extract, which helps to neutralise any unpleasant smells from the litter tray.

One of the key benefits across the Wellbeing Cat range is the inclusion of Dental Defence Technology. With an estimated 70 percent of cats suffering dental issues by the age of three, Dental Defence utilises natural fibre and a specialist ingredient to help reduce plaque formation and support healthy teeth and gums in adult cats.

Alice Thorpe, cat brand manager at Burgess Pet Care, said: “We were all delighted to win the award, and the criteria that the product has been judged on means that our Wellbeing Cat range really is an all-round winner. We put the welfare and health needs of the animals at the heart of everything we do and this award recognizes that.