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4 conditions affecting ferrets

14 March 2017

As part of our Vet Club this month, we bring you a summary of the 4 top conditions affecting pet ferrets in the UK. How much do you know?

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Ferret Anaesthesia

13 March 2017

Chemical restraint is a wonderful tool to have at our disposal, so being able to use it safely and effectively is the key to success. Read our tips on ferret anaesthesia

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What’s on at the 43rd BVNA Congress

26 September 2016

It’s not long to go before the next BVNA Congress. Find out when, where and what’s going on.

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Ferrets, rodents and hedgehogs

09 August 2016

If you’re looking for more exotic CPD, why not book onto this 2 day course with Veterinary Professional Development, Vet PD.

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Marijuana Poisoning

21 April 2016

People have been playing and experimenting with recreational drugs for centuries, and over the years many pets have inadvertently (and sometimes deliberately) been exposed to the effects of this drug.

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Answering the phone in your practice

30 March 2016

As part of our personal health and management series, we’ve got some great tips on answering the phone. We can all improve our technique, so why not check that you’re doing it right.

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