How to Promote an event on Social Media – with a special focus on Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW)

One of the best ways to spread the word about an upcoming event such as RAW is by using Social Media. Whilst all forms of news and broadcasts you push via Social Media can help, it’s more effective if there is a plan behind your posts. This will allow you to do as much as possible to engage with your clients and convince them of the importance of your event, ensuring that they want to join in.

Posted: 19 August 2020

How to Promote an event on Social Media – with a special focus on Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW)


This year, more than ever as a result of lockdown, the benefits of online media are being seen by everyone, and even though you can’t encourage RAW meetings in your own building, you can do plenty to engage and deliver the RAW message remotely. Just in case you didn’t know, this month we are promoting a Digital RAW between 10th and 23rd August.

Here are 7 top tips to help you promote your Digital RAW events

1.  Selecting Social Media platforms

Some social platforms are more effective than others. Typically, if you can do some promotions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you should be well covered, but there are also plenty of other platforms that can be used, such as YouTube, WhatsApp groups, Instagram and Snapchat.

  • Facebook – why not create a RAW event page and share online events.
  • Instagram – this platform works with images. Your brand, as well as food and vaccine brands associated with rabbits, could be used to your advantage. At Burgess Pet Care we would be pleased to provide you with some Burgess related artwork you need.
  • LinkedIn – this medium will certainly help engage with your professional clients. Here you can promote your practice business and any staff news.
  • Twitter – use posts and an event hashtag to create interest and energy relating to your RAW events.
  • Snapchat — this platform appeals mostly to young people and is worth using to develop a bond between younger clients and their pets.

2. Event hashtags

The use of Hashtags has been around for some time now, but when used consistently, it can be a very useful Social Media tool. You need to come up with one that’s short, unique and understood by everyone. Once you’ve found one you like, keep using it to your advantage.

Whenever you post anything relevant to your upcoming RAW event, add your hashtag somewhere within the text. You can even include it in all of your Social Media, emails, website and waiting room displays.

3. Create a Facebook Event

When creating your Facebook Event, you need to include;

  • Cover photo – use one that tells a story and generates instant interest. A rabbit being examined or cared for by one of your vets or nurses perhaps?
  • Description – the event needs to be described in such a way as to grasp everyone’s attention. Get ideas from everyone in the practice.
  • When and where – be specific about the location and time. Because of Covid-19, the location is likely to be online, but it may also be a live event at the practice.

To create a public Facebook event on your computer:

  1. From your News Feed, click the Events icon in the left of the menu.
  2. Click + Create Event.
  3. Click Public Event, then click Next. Anyone will be able to see your event and search for it, even if you aren't friends. Be aware that once you've created a public event, you won't be able to change it to private later.
  4. Fill in the event name, location, date, time and description. 
  5. Type and select keywords about your public event so it can be better recommended to people who are interested in that subject.
  6. Choose who can edit and post in your event and then click Create. You'll be taken to your event where you can invite guests, add a cover photo or video, share posts and edit event details.

Find out more from the Facebook pages here.

4. Writing your Social Media content

The amount of positive engagement you generate with your posts determines how many potential clients will see and will visit your online or live events.

In order to achieve the best possible engagement, we suggest you;

  • Always include images - and if you can take some video with your phone that’s relevant, use this as well. You could also include photos from past RAW events. Don’t forget to share photos of staff and people who have helped in the past
  • Be chatty – always write in a conversational style and avoid too much jargon.
  • Don’t try to sell – it’s better to avoid making the content too pushy or sales-like, as this may put some people off.
  • When using Twitter - keep it short and sweet.
  • When using LinkedIn - keep to a professional style. 
  • Use varied content – there are many resources that you could use. With regard to RAW, Burgess Pet Care and the RAW website have a large number of pages and resources that you can link to or use. Find out more here.
  • Bookmark relevant posts from other sites – you can make particularly use of video links embedded in YouTube.
  • Competitions – why not engage with your clients with a competition? Whilst not everyone likes to take part, you’d be surprised how many do, and it only takes a few of these clients to then like and share the competition and your Social Media event could become viral, with minimal cost.

5. Ask for help from the Veterinary industry and local celebrities

Most practices have a few celebrities on their books (even minor ones can be a help), who with a few well-spoken words, would be delighted to help.

Don’t forget that at Burgess Pet Care we are always willing to help and support our vet practices. All you need to do is ask, so contact us today for help with your RAW event.

Contact the Burgess Pet Care support team >

6. Pay for some Social Media advertising

If you consider using an engaging Social Media advert, make sure you;

  • Use an eye-catching image
  • Create your own captivating video
  • Ensure the paid post is short and sweet
  • Use a short but catchy headline

7. Try live video

You don’t have to livestream an entire event, but you could, for example, host and run a talk about feeding, neutering and vaccination on the day. Get one of your keen members of staff who enjoys public speaking to present the talk. You could also include some pre-recorded items. The reasons why live video works are numerous, such as;

  • It’s engaging - according to Facebook Live, users engage much more with and event when the video is live.
  • You get bonded viewers - 30% of people who watch an event live will attend the same event the following year.
  • It’s cost effective – tools such as Facebook Live are free to use.

Don’t forget, RAW is going totally Digital this month, and will take place between 10th and 23rd August. If you’ve not signed up yet, it’s time to do it, so visit the RAW page here.