Friendly, fluffy & inquisitive, we love rabbits

Rabbits can make wonderful companions when kept correctly. Rabbits are generally a greatly misunderstood animal; they require significant time and investment to keep correctly. However that said, watching healthy, happy rabbits playing and having fun is a delight.

Caring for you pet

Caring for your Rabbits

Rabbits deserve their reputation as great animals – they are friendly, inquisitive, content to play with their owners and can happily be held and stroked. With the correct diet, care and handling you and your rabbits will have a long and happy time together.

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Feeding for you pet

Feeding your Rabbits

We know rabbits as ‘Fibrevores’ this is because rabbits need to keep their digestive systems busy with a mix of two kinds of fibre moving through the gut at all times.

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Training for you pet


Do you have a problem getting your rabbits in a basket, or in his hutch? Well, we now give you one way of teaching your rabbits to go in happily and on cue.

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Foods to avoid

Foods to avoid

Rabbits fed on muesli-style foods will often selectively feed. This is where they pick out the high starch elements of the diet and leave the rest (typically the pellet /high fibre elements).

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Handling for you pet


Rabbits need time to get used to their surroundings, so don’t try to pick your new rabbits up for the first few days.

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Grooming for you pet


Some breeds of rabbits, particularly the long-haired varieties, need brushing daily to remove loose and matted hair.

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