Premium Dry Cat Food

With so much cat food online  to choose from, what should you look for? Healthy cat food for ‘obligate’ or true carnivores – such as our beloved pet cats who need to eat meat to survive and thrive – needs to be high in protein. Premium cat kibble also comes in a range of varieties to meet the nutritional needs of your cat’s different life stages – from kitten to adult and mature, along with a diet cat food option that’s suitable for neutered or less active cats. Whether  your cat has a penchant for fish flavoured cat food or prefers chicken flavoured cat food, Burgess has a range of high quality products to suit all manner of fussy feline palates.

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Did you know that up to 70% of cats develop dental disease by the age of three? That’s why we’ve included a specialist ingredient which helps to support healthy teeth and gums in all of our adult cat food.

Choosing high quality cat food will provide your favourite feline with the correct balance of protein, vitamins, and minerals that they need to stay in tip-top condition throughout their life.

What’s more, at Burgess, all of our healthy cat food is made at our own factory in the heart of Yorkshire, using only ingredients that meet our stringent specifications. We believe it’s the best complete dry premium cat food and that your feline friend will love it!

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Image for Kittens & Adults

Kittens & Adults


Burgess Kitten Chicken is suitable for kittens from four weeks up to one year of age and has specially designed smaller kibble to suit a kitten’s bite size. It’s also suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers to help support growth and development throughout pregnancy and ease the transition to dry food.


Providing your pet with a nutritionally balanced, complete diet will help keep them in top condition during the prime of their life. Our Adult range can be fed from 12 months. Burgess Adult Cat Rich in Chicken with Duck and Burgess Adult Cat Rich in Salmon contain elevated levels of protein to support obligate carnivores, and taurine for a healthy heart. They also contain antioxidants to help support your cat’s immune system and prebiotics for a healthy gut.

Image for Mature & Neutered Cats

Mature & Neutered Cats

Mature – 7 Years +

Burgess Mature Cat with Turkey and Cranberry is specially designed to support your cat into their senior years and includes highly digestible proteins to help maintain strong muscles, antioxidants to support the immune system and glucosamine to support healthy joints. It can be fed from seven years onwards.

Neutered Cat

If your cat has been neutered, they may gain weight and be more likely to develop urinary tract infections. As a result, a more specialist diet is needed to ensure they’re healthy and happy. Our Burgess Neutered Cat recipe is tailored to neutered cats, and ensures they have the vitamins and nutrients they need whilst being formulated to support urinary tract health and helping to maintain a healthy body weight.

Premium Dry Cat Food FAQs

Got a question about high protein cat food? To help you understand more about what to consider when choosing good quality cat food, we’ve put together some really useful answers from our nutrition team at Burgess, the pet care experts.

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