The Excel 5 step feeding plan

the complete diet for small animals

The Burgess Excel Feeding Plan is a simple five step guide to help owners understand the high levels of beneficial fibre required by small animals. It is the only complementary range that, when used together, delivers extremely high levels of the right kinds of fibre needed in small animals’ diets and effectively promotes and maintains the dental, digestive and emotional health and longevity of these animals.

The Excel 5 Step Feeding Plan

Step 1: Burgess Excel Feeding Hay

These premium quality Timothy Hay and grass foods should form most of your small animals’ diet. They are especially good for dental health as the gnawing action required by the small animal to eat them, helps to wear down teeth. The teeth of all small animals are constantly growing and overgrown teeth can be the cause of potentially fatal problems. Hays also play a vital role in digestive and emotional health as they provide the bulk of the diets’ indigestible fibre and encourage foraging.

Step 2: Burgess Excel Nuggets

Excel Tasty Nuggets are a single component food and are high in ‘Beneficial Fibre’ which means they’re great for digestive health. All our Excel Nuggets have added vitamins, minerals and prebiotics to help with healthy eyes, skin and coat.

Step 3: Burgess Excel Nature Snacks

These delicious, natural and healthy snacks are ideal for small animals as they promote emotional health, by preventing boredom. They can also be used to encourage bonding and interaction between you and your small animal. They can be fed daily, because they’re packed with ‘Beneficial Fibre’ and made with natural ingredients. Some are specifically designed to be fed by hand which helps pets to get comfortable with human attention.

Step 4: Fresh Greens

Small animals can be fed fresh greens to give additional nutrients and to provide some variety. You need to be careful which greens you feed them and how much.

Step 5: Fresh Water

Small animals should have access to fresh water everyday.

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