Lively & inquisitive, we love chinchillas

Chinchillas are by nature timid creatures, but with plenty of gentle handling yours will make wonderful, lively and inquisitive pets. Chinchillas are largely crepuscular, becoming active during the evening and into the night – perfect for when owners get back from work or school.

Caring for you pet

Caring for your Chinchillas

Chinchillas make great pets for older children and adults. They’re easy to look after, friendly and inquisitive.

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Feeding for you pet

Feeding your Chinchillas

Chinchillas are very sensitive to sugar in the same way humans with diabetes. Sugary foods should be avoided.

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Training for you pet


Chinchilla owners have to earn – and keep – their pet’s trust. It may take weeks for your chinchilla to know you well enough to let you pick him up.

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Foods to avoid

Foods to avoid

We have created a list of foods that should not be fed to Chinchillas. The list includes many common household foods but is by no means exhaustive.

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Housing for you pet


When it comes to choosing your chinchillas’ cage, your motto should be the bigger – the better. Chinchillas are busy, active, inquisitive animals and they love lots of space to jump and play around in.

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Neutering for you pet


If your chinchillas are all male, it’s best to neuter them to avoid aggression.

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