Chinchilla Food, Feeding Hay & Treats

Our range of Burgess Excel Nuggets, feeding hay and tasty treats are perfect for your chinchillas.  All are made using only the finest quality ingredients to help keep your chinchillas happy and healthy. Chinchillas are herbivores that need a high-fibre, low-energy diet. They have very sensitive digestive systems, and so high-quality chinchilla food is essential for their overall health. As well as being a source of the fibre your chinchilla needs to flourish, our chinchilla food has lots more nutritional benefits too.

The Excel Feeding plan

Fibre is the most essential component of your chinchilla’s diet, and is vital for their gut and dental health. In light of this, 85-90% of a chinchillas’ diet should be quality, dust extracted feeding hay. Following our Excel feeding plan will ensure that your chinchillas get the correct balance of fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Why Choose Burgess Chinchilla Food?

At Burgess, our range of feeding hay is 100% natural, and dust extracted for respiratory health purposes. Our chinchilla nuggets are created with high-quality ingredients that deliver a premium texture and taste. Our chinchilla food range contains ingredients that will help your pets lead a strong and healthy life, including:

  • 36% Beneficial Fibre – To aid digestion.
  • Prebiotics – To help support healthy digestion.
  • Antioxidants – To help support a healthy immune system.
  • Vitamin C – For healthy skin, coat and gums.

Our food and treats have been developed by our in house veterinary surgeon, animal nutritionist and food hygiene and quality team. This demonstrates our dedication to the health and welfare of your chinchillas, and ensures we’re creating a chinchilla food that meets their unique requirements.

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With a fantastic range of chinchilla food, treats and hay to choose from, and deliveries available across the UK – you can feel confident that your chinchillas can enjoy a diet that will help them flourish.

So get those food bowls filled today by browsing our complete chinchilla food and hay collection. Alternatively you can call us directly on 01405 862241, or fill out our online contact form.

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