A Guide to Dog Nutrition

Your dog’s nutritional needs are quite similar to ours! But they do need some adjustments.

Dog nutrition

Dogs aren’t, as is often believed, classified as carnivores. They’re actually classified as omnivores – benefiting from a healthy diet that contains both animal and plant-based foods such as grains. Dogs need a balance of vitamins and minerals and their food must contain zinc and copper supplements. They also need a little bit of fibre in their diet to help maintain a healthy gut. Pea fibre and whole grain cereals are examples of fibre you may find in your dog’s food. As well as fibre, small quantities of fish oil is great for your dog’s skin and coat condition. Your dog should get everything they need from their food – and a good food will give them this.

Giving your dog the wrong diet or too much food can lead to obesity. It’s important to keep an eye on your dog’s weight and how much exercise they get to keep them in a lean condition.

A healthy diet for a dog should contain good quality meat or fish for protein, supplemented with vegetable proteins such as soya, grains or peas.

Is my dog on a good diet?

The not so glamorous part of dog ownership is keeping an eye on their stool formation! Signs of a good diet are firm stools whereas a poor diet can result in looser stools and in some cases diarrhoea.

If your dog has repeated episodes of diarrhoea, also consider any treats that could be contributing to an upset tummy. A loose stool could also indicate a possible intolerance to a specific ingredient in their diet but these often have additional symptoms such as red, inflamed skin, chronic ear problems, scratching, hair loss and sickness. More serious reactions usually suggest an allergic reaction, however these cases are rare. If your dog displays any signs of these symptoms, seek the advice of your vet.

A complete diet

A complete diet consists of the right balance of protein, fibre, fats, minerals, vitamins and water. Your dog should obtain all it needs from the food they eats. Good products, like Supadog or Burgess Sensitive, will give them just that.
a complete diet dog

Quick tip

The pads on your dog’s feet are extremely sensitive therefore it will be best to avoid walking your dog in extremely hot or cold weather conditions.
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Something to remember!

Always feed to recommended amount on the back of the dog food pack. This will help to ensure the correct amount of nutrients are delivered to your dog. Dry food is a good option as it’s easily portioned, may be better for dental health and encourages extra water consumption.

Do you need more advice?

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If you should have any concerns about the health of your pet, always consult a vet.