Guinea Pigs

Feeding Your Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs need to keep their digestive systems busy with a mix of two kinds of fibre moving through the gut at all times (these types of fibre are called digestible fibre and indigestible fibre). Guinea pigs get this fibre mainly from good quality hay, such as Burgess Excel Timothy hay.

Quick Tip

Guinea pig's teeth continue to grow throughout their lives which is why it is important for them to constantly gnaw on things that they like to eat.

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Burgess Guinea Pig food

Guinea Pigs can’t get enough nutrition from fibre when it passes through their gut the first time.  Guinea Pigs excrete caecotrophs (soft sticky type droppings) which are then reeaten for vital nutrition

Guinea pigs also need additional vitamin C in their diet as they cannot synthesize their own.  Burgess Excel has been specifically formulated to have all of the vitamins and minerals your guinea pigs need.

Indigestible Fibre

Indigestible fibre is moved through their digestive system and excreted as separate, rounded, hard droppings. This type of fibre keeps the digestive system moving and their appetite stimulated.

Did you know?

Guinea pigs are the happiest when they are kept in pairs or small groups.

Did you know?

A guinea pig will stretch out to show that they are happy and relaxed.

Digestible Fibre

Digestible fibre is moved up into an organ called the caecum – which is like a giant appendix.

Good bacteria in the caecum ferment the fibre, making it easy to digest. This emerges in the form of clumps of sticky droppings – we call these droppings caecotrophs. Guineas then re-eat the caecotrophs directly from their bottom and the essential nutrients are then absorbed when the digestible fibre passes through for the second time.

If guinea pigs don’t get the right amounts of both digestible and indigestible fibre, it can rapidly lead to serious health problems. At Excel, we call the correct ratio of these two types of fibre ‘Beneficial Fibre’.

Sticking to The Excel Feeding Plan will ensure your guinea pigs get the right amounts of fibre in their diet. The Excel Feeding Plan was developed in conjunction with one of the world’s leading small-animal vets, to provide a perfect daily balance of fibre and nutrition.

Quick Tip

Guinea pigs like to play, so make sure they have constant access to plenty of fun toys.

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Burgess Guinea Pig food

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